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  • 1. Do you provide Coaching or Mentoring?

    Coaching is a unidirectional way of pushing one towards his/her goal through tasks and performance but mentoring focuses on capability or competence building. At menteechain, we focus on one on one mentoring to evolve professionally.

  • 2. What makes you different from the existing coaching institutes in the market?

    Coaching can help you with the information, but mentoring will ensure that you know how to deal with it. The Mentoring model uses our unique inQsprint methodology which focuses on individual strength and weaknesses and guides you towards your goal, with visible results with in the defined duration.

  • 3. Why do you have differentiated pricing for mentors?

    The best fee structure is one that aligns everybody’s incentives and provides predictability to the client. Every mentor comes with different level of experiences and it will only be fair to remunerate them based on their ratings, competence and experience. Also, your requirements to take up a career in India are completely different from someone who wants to migrate to another country and to ensure maximum benefit to both, our services are charged on a differentiated basis.

  • 4. How does menteechain ensure your success?

    menteechain does not. You Do! We help you evaluate your options to find a career that utilises your strengths, and one that you could be successful in. We also plan your career path to help you reach your goal and avoid any wrong career decision. We identify your career interests, personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, make you aware about the career options available to you, help choose the best one out of them and plan the best course of action to help you build a successful career in the chosen path.

  • 5. Is the mentor outreach online or offline?

    We have developed a web based one on one mentoring program which ensures the success of our mentees, as all they need a good internet connection. we offer our mentoring sessions through video chat and telephone. These are as effective as face-to-face sessions, and our mentees choose them for the convenience they provide.

  • 6. How do I connect to the mentor, if my schedules are erratic?

    We have designed our model to accommodate the different work schedules. For this, you can schedule the mentor connect as per your convenience and the available slots of your mentor.

  • 7. Do you offer enterprise solutions?

    We do offer customized mentoring solutions for the universities, Human Resources and change management advisory services for the business organizations.

  • 8. Does your service cater to working professionals also?

    Our platform is optimized to meet the needs of university students, young professionals, mid-career professionals and veterans.