Not having this on your resume does not break your chances but having it does not make them either. So, it is not an absolute must but it does add glitter for sure!

Depends on the Role

Are you an Alexa developer? or a chemical engineer? Too focused roles like these need technical skills sprinkled all over the resume. Talk about what projects have you been implementing successfully and recruiter is happy. If the space permits, add that donation drive you led for college. If not, you are still a big value based on what your core competence is in. If you are going in for management or generalist roles, highlight your extra curricular, at least in the younger profiles. It would show your fitment in the team.

Depends on the organization

Going to hit Google? Tell them that you a team player. Big unicorns are always looking for skills and personality. Also, innovative companies tend to invest heavily in their human resources and weigh both technical and personal sides before making you that coveted offer. On the contrary, if you are applying to a static organization, let’s say a chemicals company with a constant EPS or market share, focus on your core skills.

Doesn’t hurt to have it anyways

Irrespective of role and organization, go for this section if the space allows. If not, make an informed choice depending on the two parameters defined above.

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